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Consider market research your first steps in opportunity analysis that help you understand exactly how you will sell products or services to a specific market. After learning about the investment required to purchase the existing business or franchise or the start-up costs you’ll need initially, evaluate your own resources. Part of a financial assessment includes the amount you have in personal savings to add to the initial investment.


Businesses that work with restricted products or services, such as those that deal with alcohol or marijuana products, might be illegal in your local area. Check online or with your local chamber of commerce if the business is dealing with restricted products. If the seller of the business opportunity tries to rush you into making a decision or tells you that you don’t have to read the disclosure documents, consider this a red flag. You may have heard that “time is money.” Typically, the more time you spend on a business, the more money you’ll make—but that might not always be the case. If you already have a full-time job, your time outside of work is valuable.

Tips to Improve Your Business’s Social Media Presence

Secondary research has the advantage of being quickly available. However, secondary research often is not outstanding checks enough to provide all the details you need to know about your idea. For example, secondary research might report how often consumers purchase shampoo, where they purchase shampoo, and what brands of shampoo they purchase.

Meanwhile, the usefulness of creativity guarantees that customer needs are better served and allows entrepreneurs to obtain potential economic benefits (Gruber et al., 2015). As such, entrepreneurs will be more optimistic about entrepreneurial success in the future and more likely to adopt novel opportunities when they perceive higher creativity for opportunity novelty with a high-level construal. In contrast, entrepreneurs who perceive heightened risk perception resulting from the interaction between opportunity novelty and low-level construal will be less likely to make decisions to adopt opportunities. Entrepreneurs using high-level construals are future-oriented and pay more attention to abstract and broad information related to the valence of distal goals and profits . The greater they are psychologically distant from an opportunity, the more likely they are to emphasize its creativity (Förster, 2009).

Let’s say a company producing alternative fresh ground coffee pods is looking to grow. It’s important to get sales data on pod coffee machines like Nespresso and Dolce Gusto to estimate their own market potential. You should monitor the performance of products and services that are complementary to your business. Retailers that understood these new preferences adjusted their business models to attract more customers. With quick commerce, brands started providing delivery in minutes and capitalised on consumers’ impulse purchases to reap the rewards. Today, Generation X and millennials are driving the labour force globally.

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A couple of weeks ago I was in Lithuania speaking at our annual Leadership & Entrepreneurship camp designed for university students from all over the world. As part of the sessions, we had the students pick individual business ideas and break into teams to actually work out how they would implement the ideas. Start with the five criteria above to select the businesses you start or opportunities you pursue and you’ll dramatically increase your odds of success. Add to this a good feedback loop and you’ll know quickly and with relatively low risk whether the business will succeed.

Add Business Assets & Subtract Business Liabilities

Low-end disruption occurs when a new market entrant claims the lowest segment with a low-profit business model. Entering at the bottom of the market ensures the incumbent company isn’t financially motivated to fight back; after all, it owns the highest-profit segments. This theory also expands the scope of the competitive landscape and helps you conceptualize how many choices customers have when they want to get a specific job done. This concept covers everything from unmet clinical needs, challenges facing corporations, social problems, etc. to the desires for entertainment and social interaction among young people. To understand a market need is to understand a unfilled desire or potential.

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Banks typically require entrepreneurs to come up with a portion of the investment to show good faith and willingness to take a risk with the lender. Assess the financing available through the seller, investors and lenders when evaluating your chances of succeeding. Palms Barber recognized an opportunity when she identified the societal problem of employment for people who had experienced incarceration. In seeking solutions to this problem, she encountered roadblocks from employers’ resistance to hiring ex-prison inmates. She then researched other possible solutions including business startups. The idea of raising bees at first seemed an unusual solution to the problem of employment for her unique clients.

It is vital that those who long to rake profits in the long term evaluate their investments over more substantial time horizons. The context and period over which returns get appraised are super essential to the measuring performance process. Their formula is (1 + IRR) – 1, where IRR is the internal rate of return, which first must get determined. Then one must equate the current value of cash inflows to the cash outflows.

Business Insights

Industry and geographic trends also influence how to value a business. This is often referred to as “market risk.” If an industry is booming and trending toward your particular business, the higher your multiplier will be. In the same way, the more the population growth and popularity of a business area is growing, the higher your business’ specific multiplier will be. The more assets a business has, the more it will be worth on the market and the higher the multiplier that will be used for the valuation.

Cell-cultured meat is likely to be a significant part of future diets. Markets in different countries grow at different paces due to disparities in economic development and local habits. Knowing the evolution of per capita consumption of a given product in each country can serve as an indicator of the maturity of the product’s life cycle. Understanding the size of the market and its competitors will help estimate the business potential.

Ability to Manage Cash Flow

Therefore, we included construal levels into our study and explore whether the cognitive evaluation process, from opportunity novelty to adoption decision-making, would be shaped by an individual’s construal level. Third, it is worth noting that our paper, focusing on the novelty characteristic of opportunity, augments the literature on outcomes of novelty by analyzing the impact of novelty on adoption decisions. In fact, it is crucial to pay more attention to the characteristics of opportunity to understand the nature of opportunity evaluation (Mount et al., 2021), especially for opportunity novelty. Because as a typical characteristic of entrepreneurial opportunities, diverse degrees of opportunity novelty have differentiated value creating potential , which is essential to the development of start-ups.


Realized that it was losing an opportunity to entice visitors to come to their theme parks from 9 p.m. So the company started having “school nights” when schools and students could use the parks at a discount. The Small Business Administration website and SCORE website are rich resources of information for entrepreneurs. You may also have a local college or university business department that provides assistance to local area businesses.

Learn How to Start & Fund Your Business:

When pricing your business for sale, it’s important to get it right. For $495, Guidant can help by working with you to complete a financing assessment and creating a detailed valuation report along with an in-depth industry analysis. Paying more taxes will also make it easy to show any potential buyers what the company is making right from your tax return, which is a value that’s hard to argue against. Many potential buyers analyze more than one business at a time to find the right match for them. The easier you make it for them to see the value of your business, the more likely they take a closer look at it.

  • Our study measured dependent variable (i.e., opportunity adoption) and two mediators (i.e., creativity perception and risk perception) with well-established scales.
  • How do you choose which ideas to pursue, and which ones to let go of?
  • You might also find out how many times per week they ate out or got take-out or delivery rather than cooking meals at home.
  • One way to determine what the potential liabilities are for a business is to run a business information report through Dun & Bradstreet.
  • The way you go about solving internal factors will depend on the type of problem.

I have taught it to my teams and assistants as well, as a way for them to evaluate in advance whether an opportunity is worth recommending to me. Finally, evaluate the amount of support you expect to receive from your family and the community. You’ll most likely spend an inordinate amount of time in the initial stages of opening your new business, which could affect your family relationships. Opportunity evaluation requires professional and personal considerations.


A square is also a rectangle, but a rectangle isn’t necessarily a square. The same relationship exists between business opportunities, independent businesses for sale and franchises. Many estimates indicate that half of all new businesses will no longer exist within the first five years, but good research can help you avoid your business becoming a statistic.16 On the surface, this fact can be daunting. However, there are many reasons why a business no longer exists that can reflect a positive outcome, such as the sale of a business or a merger with another business.

The parent company obtains a number of locations in which the racks are placed on a consignment basis. It’s up to the agent to maintain the inventory, move the merchandise around to attract the customer, and do the bookkeeping. But when it’s done successfully, it brings in more customers, income security and consistent demand.

Thus, we suggest that creativity perception is a vital heuristic cue representing “gain-side” aspects and the critical evaluation criterion when entrepreneurs evaluate opportunity novelty. Second, firms can choose partners with different construal levels to develop their businesses according to our study. Specifically, the decision of whether to adopt a novel opportunity is usually made by the whole entrepreneurial team even though that entrepreneurs play a central role in entrepreneurial activities . The results underscore that even for opportunities with the same level of novelty, individuals using different levels of construal may generate multi-degrees of perceptions.

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As the business grows the numbers your watching will likely change, but that’s not the point. I would never consider adding this product to the existing business if I didn’t have a special advantage up my sleeve. In this case, we happen to have a very close relationship with a pair of high ranking, well respected university professors who are already in this space. I did okay as a kid by being a little creative and working my butt off. But, everything changed for me at about 19years old when I came to understand scalability.Trading your time for money is a devil’s bargain.

Before an entrepreneur starts or invests in a company, business ideas must pass a series of tests and questions before one is deemed a truly valid and valuable opportunity. At its core, entrepreneurship is the process of using available resources to fill unmet market needs. One way to identify those needs is through Christensen’s jobs to be done theory, which states that people don’t buy a product; they “hire” it to do a job.

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