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I try to share all I know and learn with everyone to help people improve their online skills. And the most efficient way to manage backlinks is to use a backlink manager tool that reports key metrics for your inbound links. It shows you a nice breakdown of your backlinks. There is also backlink monitoring tools a free account you can use to test out all the tools using a free account. Keep coming with more such informative article. You may use these HTML tags and attributes. Buzzstream allows you to. This is all about understanding where your backlink profile stands right now, and where you want it to be in a few months.

The A-Z Guide Of backlink monitoring tools

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With Backlink Checker, we now know to reach out to these people right away to get our link back. Languages: English and French. View our Terms of Service. Editors’ Review by the SEO and SEM Software Review Team. It offers functionality including. Here are three top link building tools you need to look out for. If you’re just starting on your online journey, they have a plan for you too. You can get the latest updates on any backlinks that you’ve gained or lost. It’s great for businesses that are just getting started and need to track their website in real time but don’t have a lot of customers yet. Therefore, managing backlinks is essential for improving website visibility and search engine rankings. Looking to enhance your backlink profile management. Since we mentioned “domain authority,” how great is your site’s DA. It also includes the smart ability to remove bad sites, intelligently spin articles and manage resource profiles.

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After all, the only way to get a complete reading of every link that Google recognizes and considers worth caring about would be to get that data directly from Google, and Google isn’t in the business of giving out that data. AgencyAnalytics is an SEO reporting platform designed for the use of marketing agencies. The provider offers a free basic plan, but it’s quite limiting. Please update your browser. By leaving a link to their website in the forum signature or post, website owners can drive targeted traffic to their site while also establishing credibility within their niche. A backlink analysis is the process of analyzing a website’s backlink profile. SEO details can be complicated for some folks but you don’t have to worry about it because there are a variety of tools available to help users do most of the “heavy lifting”. Io can do for your business. Solvid is a registered trademark of Solvi and Heirs LTD, registered in England and Wales. Google Analytics Stats. Here we cover some general principles before listing specific tools. And it can be challenging to find an effective program or online backlink monitoring tool. Do you have a subscription. It is important to choose an ideal software that is quite easy to use, before considering any other factor.

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But if you’re serious about online marketing, you need a backlink checking tool. Here are the things to help you identify problem backlinks and websites. Their prices range from $99 $999 per month, making it a premium tool. SE Ranking helps you find both new and lost backlinks. I always appreciate a company that gives good support with their products and Ranktracker excels in support. For instance, the Network Graph widget offers a quick evaluation of your domain’s backlink profile and link building influence. You can follow these steps for broken link building.

Why is backlinks monitoring necessary?

Lists of backlinks can be long, so the tool lets you export them in. For those specifically looking for a backlink checker that integrates seamlessly with WordPress, AIOSEO is a highly recommended choice. The interface of the platform is great and user friendly. In the next section, we will discuss the best backlink checker tools available in the market and compare their features and pricing to help you choose the best one for your needs. If you’re an SEO newbie with a limited budget, try these tools to monitor backlinks. The videos walk through how to do everything, which has helped me a lot.

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This tool provides accurate rank tracking, deep website audits, as well as full competition analysis. If you’re in the SEO industry and you found backlinks with health related topics, you should investigate the relevance of these backlinks to your website. Link Building Campaign Management: The platform provides a comprehensive platform for managing your link building campaigns. In the “search traffic” tab you can retrieve part of the links indexed and known by Google. Its backlink checker software allows you to quickly analyze and check backlinks for any website and explore new link building opportunities. You can remove the backlink if.

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Those are just the items I like but overall I like all the features that SE Ranking has to offer. UK Office Address: 40 March Road, Edinburgh, EH4 3SZ. In addition, it is really useful to do SEO benchmarking against your competitors. If you select “Backlinks”, you’ll then get to choose from the following three options. Who would not like to reach the top of Google, because this tool has been giving me ideas of where I am in the Google Search Engine, the web page audit tool is fantastic; it shows us many details of arrangements that we must make in Our page to improve our positioning in the different search engines, shows us an Overview, a Health Check, Usability and Technologies, Pages Analysis, Meta Analysis, Content Analysis, etc. NOT the total number of backlinks. The most impressive tools from LinkResearchTools are based on link building, such as Link Juice Thief, Link Detox Boost, and Link Alerts. It’s a well guarded secret that even Indiana Jones would find difficult to unravel.

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Some of them offer a lot more helpful information than others. In that case, you’d just put the one page you care about – or more than one. It proposes good keyword ideas using Google autocomplete in a reliable and easy to understand manner and it even has the option to add a URL from competitors in order to retrieve better keyword ideas. The tool lets link builders scale their email outreach while staying personal, track replies, measure the campaign efficiency, spot leads, and many more. You don’t need dozens of link building tools. That is the way to gain visibility online. Using this approach, you can easily see how the average rank correlates with general backlinks as well as backlinks originating from pages containing the target title or anchor text.


The growing plan is $79 per month. In order to use the backlink features, log in to Semrush, select ‘Backlink Analytics,’ and type in the domain you want to investigate. One innovative feature is the link detox feature that scores the risk posed by your links. Most of my friends and known person personally recommend Ahrefs, which is also good to explore a website with easy way. Plus, our tiered pricing plans allow you to dynamically choose the features you need, on an annual or monthly basis. What’s more, these tools also allow website owners to track new/lost backlinks, monitor backlink growth over time, and analyze their competitors for their backlink profiles. The information that they use is accessible to anyone who knows where to look a backlink monitor simply collects and parses the information in a way that is easier to understand.

8 Measure the Impact of Backlinks on Search Engines

Track redirects in the ‘Redirects’ section, and make sure you don’t lose any link juice. Each Link builder has thought about finding a tool to monitor backlinks. Know the relevant, high quality sites that you can contact for outreach and link building. You say Moz is the best and your argument is certainly good. “SEO Backlink Monitor” is open source software. It offers insights into your backlinks, such as the number of referring domains, anchor text, and the overall health of your backlink profile. Custom schema generator: Add structured data markup, also called schema markup, to your website. The tool provides basic information, such as the number of referring domains and external inbound links.


Majestic has by far the cheapest paid plans. By knowing what websites are linking to your competitors, you’ll know what domains to outreach to. Receive notifications when important changes are detected on your landing pages, competitors, clients, partners or industry websites. The more good backlinks that you have, the higher your credibility rises this directly translates into a higher position in search results. This SEO tools list features just a few of the many programs that are available to help you track your site’s visibility online. I like it because it’s good for bloggers, SEO agencies and online businesses. You can add it within your Note section. This is a easy way to understand the sources of your best inbound links, so you can target those partners to refine your link building strategy. Users get full reports on their backlink anchor texts and keywords and compare their profiles with competitors. Broken links occur for two main reasons. They work hard on the tool and is commited to their users. With an included free trial and money back guarantee I highly recommend giving it a try. Unfortunately, I can’t say that Monitor Backlinks is a perfect platform. If your site has lots of low quality backlinks or spammy links, your SERPs rankings will suffer.

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Free Keyword Generator with up to 150 keyword suggestions; Keyword Difficulty Checker with difficulty score and SERP analysis for the top 10 results. On this list, SEO SpyGlass is the greatest option for backlink research and management because it has the most powerful analytics and the largest data storage capacity. This powerful tool is designed to revolutionize your Windows 10. By examining the quality and quantity of backlinks, you can improve your search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic. Today, Diib helps over 150,000 business globally grow online with their SaaS offerings. The first thing you should do when you receive a link is to check if the URL linking to your domain has been indexed. It doesn’t deal with a lot of SEO information unlike other backlink tools out there but it gets the job done. Pricing: $99/mo $999/mo, discount at yearly billing, 7 day trial.

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Image via LinkChecker. Or perhaps you need to understand whether your expenses on writing quality guest posts are paying off. This plan comes with five projects, 500 tracked keywords, and 10,000 results per report. In the high level overview, you can see total links, unique domains, trust flow, and more. This can help users protect their website from negative SEO and improve their overall link profile. This tool allows you to see the keywords that you or your competitors rank for and follow changes in your link building profile over time. Using it, you can compare your domain to four other domains. Over 3 million professionals use the plugin, making it super easy to optimize your website for search engines without requiring technical knowledge or hiring an expert. This feature lets you decide whether you want to remove a link or keep it.


Rank Watch’s pricing is between £19 and £294 per month. So at $99 per month, I consider Moz a great value. Being a newer backlink management tool, LinkChecker offers an easy to use interface and comprehensive backlink analysis features. Did we mention it only takes about 54 seconds to see your free results. AIO SEO not only provides backlink analysis but also offers on page optimization, XML sitemap generation, and advanced meta tags management, among other WordPress centric SEO tools. Nevertheless, it is still affordable at a $20 monthly subscription. Aside from using this tool for backlink checking, it can also be used for other SEO needs such as keyword tracking, gaining more traffic, and problem solving. You can add as many URLs as you want, then use the drop down menu under “Site Info” to choose a specific timeframe for which you’d like to see data. You can follow these steps for broken link building.

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And it’s heavily branded around Neil Patel, which some users may find annoying. And make sure that every aspect of their site is working as intended. They were very responsive and responded to my emails within 24 hours every time. Ahrefs’ proprietary Domain Rating DR score is a useful metric for evaluating the backlink strength of a target. There are many tools available in the market. This tool allows you to see the number of backlinks each page has, as well as the Alexa rank and other information about the links. This page will help you findthe best Backlink Monitoring Software. My tool is designed to return the 100 most valuable backlinks for a domain. Diib uses the power of big data to help you quickly and easily increase your traffic and rankings.

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CEO Plerdy — expert in SEOandCRO with over 11 years of experience. Local pack rankings included. The tool is multifunctional and decent, including backlink monitoring. Moreover, the backlink checker is free. ” Choose your backlinks. Disclaimer: This content contains some affiliate links for which we will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. They don’t have a live chat feature on their website but you can email them. A top monitoring solution, it has a reputation for making relevant data available in real time. Moz has a collection of tools for different SEO purposes. Thus, you are able to group backlinks with tags for easier identification, management, and monitoring. This makes sure that the quality of the links you’re getting is good. When monitoring backlinks with LinkChecker Pro, you get real time alerts and comprehensive reports on the status and quality of your backlinks.


Even for a beginner, within a few minutes you will be at ease with the online software. Now you can keep track of the links you build. All in all, I rate this product 4. This method also allows you to create a sub page within the current page, or a different page, using the buttons at the bottom of the dropdown that appears. Moz Pro is an oldie but a goodie in the SEO industry. Broken links are links that previously led to your website but are now unavailable. The tool also provides a 14 day free trial. Image via Link Assistant.

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Find decision makers faster and customize your outreach. Linkody has an easy to understand dashboard that displays everything about your site’s SEO status. Our backlink monitor lets you track multiple domains at once, and can access the historical data for your site. The backlink results are sorted from highest to lowest Moon Rank. This is why we recommend you try it to monitor your links. There is an option to receive link builder reports to emails and send PDF white labeled reports to SEO clients. Seobility is a free SEO tool that allows you to analyze any domain or specific URL. When trying to “steal” your competitors’ backlinks, you won’t be monitoring your own but rather your competitors’ backlink profiles. Just tap on it, type in the domain you want to investigate and voila. If your website has received a manual penalty from Google, you can easily filter the bad links with a click of a button. By conducting this trial and gathering information, we were able to identify the best backlink analysis tools out there.

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UberSuggest is a full suite of SEO tools that includes SEO Analyzer, A/B Testing Calculator, Ubersuggest, Chrome Extension, Backlinks, and Subscribers. When he whipped his backlink strategy into shape with Ahrefs, he saw a staggering surge in traffic – and his products flew off the virtual shelves. Utilizing backlink monitoring tools can allow you to detect any unusual link growth, spammy links, instances of negative SEO attacks, or unwelcome connections. So, make sure your budget and skills are sufficient. An advanced SEO tool kit for optimizing websites. Now while doing this, you should know that there are certain metrics you need to focus on. You don’t want the search engine to have any suspicions that involve link schemes, either. It’s pretty straightforward. Free backlink monitoring solutions are ideal for the curious SEO beginner if you run a hobbyist blog and want to see how your project is performing, then a free tool will cover all of your needs. Register a free account at. It contains information about the total number of backlinks in the that you monitor. Ahrefs is a powerful backlink tool that provides valuable insights for SEO.

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